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Bennett Lombardo Presets v1

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Bennett Lombardo Presets V1
Bennett Lombardo Presets V1
Bennett Lombardo Presets V1


If you purchase on mobile, you can download the pack at any time on your computer.

Includes 7 presets that I have carefully and meticulously crafted over the years. These presets can transform your photos in one click! Keep in mind that I have made these as universally perfect as possible, but you may have to tweak the basic sliders if needed.


How to install:

    1. Open Lightroom on your computer

    2. Go to: Lightroom --> Preferences --> Presets

    3. Click the option: "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"

    4. Finder will open, double click the folder titled "Lightroom"

    5. Open the folder titled "Develop Presets"

    6. Then, find the "Bennett Lombardo Preset" file that you downloaded, unzip it and copy the folder into the "Develop Presets" folder.

    7. Close Lightroom and restart it

    8. Go into the "Develop" module, the presets will be available on the left