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Free Lightroom Preset That Will Help You up Your Instagram Game!

Bennett Lombardo

One of the absolute best ways to make a name for yourself and grow on Instagram in 2018 is to have a consistent theme! The first step to that is making sure that the colors are similar and that you are focusing on one niche. In order to help you all achieve this, I'm giving away my Lightroom preset "Blue2" for free!


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"Blue2" Preset


How to install:

    1. Open Lightroom on your computer

    2. Go to: Lightroom --> Preferences --> Presets

    3. Click the option: "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"

    4. Finder will open, double click the folder titled "Lightroom"

    5. Open the folder titled "Develop Presets"

    6. Then, find the "Blue2.lrtemplate" file that you downloaded and copy the file into the "Develop Presets" folder.

    7. Close Lightroom and restart it

    8. Go into the "Develop" module, the preset will be available on the left